Oesophago-gastric cancers are a challenging conditions to treat. Many patients are treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Some carefully selected patients with very early tumours now may be managed without major surgery. Northern Ireland has followed practice elsewhere and all patients are managed by a network of specialists with surgery centralised in Belfast.

Successful treatment necessitates early detection and thorough assessment before treatment planning.

Recent advances has seen increasing utilisation of�imal access 幠hole䥣hniques which potentially reduces the impact of major surgery whilst still allowing radical treatment.


Oesophageal and gastric cancer

Guidelines have identified 졲m㹭ptoms which should be investigated urgently


ࠠࠠࠠ䩦ficulty swallowing

ࠠࠠࠠ⥣urrent vomiting

ࠠࠠࠠ쯳s of appetite

ࠠࠠࠠ祩ght loss

ࠠࠠࠠ嶩dence of blood loss; anaemia, melena (black motions)


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