Gallstones within the gallbladder are a common cause裂symptoms. Biliary colic, is the commonest clinical scenario characterised intermittent pain in the upper abdomen associated with nausea, commonly precipitated by eating.

TreatmentÓ•£essitates removes of the gall bladder using laparoscopic (key hole) surgery.

Conversion to traditional open surgery is rarely required and most patients require only one night in hospital.

Occasionally patients are found to have to have stones in the common bile duct as well as the gall bladder. These can now be dealt with simultaneously with removal of the gallbladder by laparoscopic bile duct exploration rather than requiring an ERCP and subsequent cholecystectomy.


Indications for surgery include:

Biliary colic

Acute or chronic cholecystitis

Acute gallstone pancreatitis

Common bile duct stone

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